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Join the movement to optimise skin health through microbiome science.

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Microbiome skincare is a science

Your skin is an ecosystem protected by a living armor of beneficial bacteria. Esse’s organic biotechnology restores and rebalances your microbiome to keep skin healthier and younger. Creating the environment for your natural microbial diversity to return counteracts the adverse effects of our modern lifestyles and keeps skin beautifully healthy for the long term.

At the forefront

The Esse product range is scientifically formulated for all skin types – with prebiotics, probiotics and active ingredients to get your skin back to its best.

Our products remain true to our core principles: We are a certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and carbon- and plastic neutral and support free trade. Read more.

Bespoke treatments

Your skin is as individual as your fingerprint. In the hands of an approved therapist, Esse treatments offer an effective and sustainable solution for your skin.

Our Founder

“Esse is moving along the infinitely long road toward perfection”

Trevor Steyn

Don’t take our word for it

Esse works tirelessly to be at the forefront of microbiome skincare. Hear what people have to say about our products and treatments.

“Esse is a versatile brand which allows for a very beautiful and bespoke treatment. It is both gentle but incredibly effective and in a short amount of time has attracted a cult London following.”

Tarryn Warren, Bespoke Skincare London
“Adding Esse Skincare to our portfolio was a real game changer for our business. In addition to being ethically responsible, the brand is also extremely effective and scientifically substantiated.”

Red Carpet Queen, Amsterdam
“Esse effortlessly helps me to achieve my two most important business goals- to make my clients feel nurtured, at home & in salon, while helping them to improve & maintain their skin health.”

Jani, Lyftaal South Africa

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